About us

"If you have a dream, there is the possibility of its coming true"

Pizza Taxi was founded in 2005 by two food engineers , İlhan Kibar and Serdar Erdağ 
Serdar Erdağ worked for 25 years at  global company and was resposible in the  supply and distribution in the international market.
    İlhan Kibart  has the 30 year of experience of world cousine , pizza restaurant  chains and cautering 
This brand is built on 25-30 years of experiences with the concept of package deliver service.
  Pizza Taxi provider dine-in and packege service along with the delivery service.
Under the leadership of İlhan Kibar and Serdar Erdağ they continue to build , develop and maintain a strong and reputable establishment with a name that  represants quality
--2010 The first Pizza Taxi restaurant opened with dine-in service and also offered delivery.
Opening their doors on Kenan Evren, Adana, it was not long before Pizza Taxi was growing to
be a well-known Pizzeria. Using fresh produce and quality ingredients it established a
reputation for delicious food and a friendly environment. Based on this reputation and high
interest in the Pizza Taxi establishment the motivation for expansion was seeded.
2013- The second Pizza Taxi was opened; and another soon after.
2015- The decision to offer a franchise was made. As of January 2021 , we are serving our customers with 15 restaurants in 3 cities.